Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekend Wonders

I am finally sitting in the recliner and relaxing to wind down the weekend! I'm watching Father of the Bride, classic funny movie!

Anyways, here was my weekend...

Friday night a few friends came up to hangout and see our place. We grilled, played some yard games, had some drinks and sat by the fire.  We even roasted marshmallows and made smores, yum!

Story behind this picture... You play on teams of two. You get 3 throws and each hole on the board is worth 6, 4, and 2 points. If you get it on the board, it's one point.  The first team to 31 points wins. BUT...if you get either all 3 washers in the same hole in one turn or get one washer in each hole on the same turn, you get Yuckapoo (the name of the game as we know it, but probably has other names I'm sure), which means you automatically win! And low and behold, after playing horribly warming up for a few games, I got this on my first turn of about my 5th game...yeah me!

Saturday morning consisted of rainy and windy golfing starting about the 5th hole, but we still had fun! I think we finished our last 4 holes in record time.

Saturday night I experienced my first Thunder by the River tractor pull in Wisner, NE, close to my hometown. It's a national tractor pull that brings thousands of people to watch. I'm not exactly sure how to define it, but they are tractors and trucks that are modified with bigger engines and more horsepower and speed. It was very interesting to watch and see all the different names and design of the tractors, and also how loud they can be. Ryan's dad also got us tickets to the VIP tent, where we got to try a lot of delicious food and drinks.

One of the tractors that won a division in the pull. The puller is from my hometown of Howells, which is pretty cool!

On Sunday, Ryan and I spent some time with his nieces before going to visit my cousin Kim who was home from Texas for the weekend. It was great to see her and catch up! She even introduced us to a new game, Monopoly Deal, you all should check it out!


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