Monday, July 30, 2012

Morning Run

Happy Monday to all of you! How was your weekend? Mine was great, as you heard about in my previous post. Today is my day off from work, so I got to start the morning with a great run! It's been awhile since I've been able to run outside with the heat, so I took this opportunity while I had it! I headed out around 8am and tried out Ashland's running/walking trail that they have. It was a very relaxing run and the sun even waited to come out until I was done, thank you sun!

My very smart Garmin running watch at the end of my run.
I did 5 miles today, so I was pretty happy with myself!
My watch is awesome as it tells me my time, distance, pace, and calories burned!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekend Wonders

I got to have an entire date day with my husband on Saturday...yeah! We slept in and then set off to Omaha for a fun-filled day of activities!
File:Target logo.svg
Our first stop...Target! We had some gift cards to use from our wedding and needed some things for our apartment. After about an hour and a half in the store, we had a cart full of new things and a happy wife (me)!! We got a nice shelf with storage drawers for the living room, lamps for the living room and bedroom, curtains for the bedroom, TV trays, a fan and a TV sound bar (to keep Ryan happy) and new shower heads. Here are some of our great buys at Target:
Our shelf  and fan.

Living room lamp.

After Target, it was time for some food and entertainment! I had a Living Social coupon to use at Papio Bowl in Papillion. We got an hour of bowling, a large pizza and a pitcher of pop with our coupon! Ryan definitely beat me in the bowling scores, but we had a lot of fun together!

My handsome husband showing off his awesome bowling skills.

After shopping, bowling and pizza, we were worn out and ready for a relaxing evening at home. We came home and went to mass, where we heard the gospel about Jesus feeding over 5,000 with only 5 loaves and 2 fish, wow, what wonderful miracles our Lord can perform! After mass, we ended the night with leftover pizza for supper, some Olympic watching, and we tried out our new fire pit!

It was windy, but we did manage to roast a couple marshmallows and make one smore each, we will hope for better luck next time!

On Sunday, I worked for a good chunk of the day and Ryan and his dad took their motorcycles on a ride for the afternoon. We used our grill, another wedding gift, and made burgers and grilled potatoes for supper! It was delicious supper and a good end to a nice weekend! And now...time to go so I can watch some more Olympics! Go USA!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

It's Nice to Be Nice

Today I am linking up with Six Sisters' Stuff for Strut Your Stuff Saturdays!

Scott Limbeck

Last night, Ryan and I got to attend a really neat event in memory of my cousin Scott called Scottython.   Scott was hit and killed by a drunk driver in February of 2010 and his life was ended at the young age of 24. Scottython is an event for all of Scott's family and friends to get together and celebrate his life! Last night at Scottython, there were over 600 people there in memory of Scott. Scottython had 6 bands that played, and many of the bands consisted of Scott's friends. Also, they had t-shirts, tattoos, and car stickers that were sold for Scottython 2012.  All of the proceeds from the tickets and t-shirts go towards a scholarship in Scott's name.  It was really awesome to be there to with so many others that loved Scott and I'm glad that we could all be together to celebrate the awesome life that he lived.

One of the bands at Scottython.

Ryan and I in front of the stage.

My cousins Kalynn and Bryanna, who are Scott's nieces.

A little blurry, but We Love You Scott!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Olympics

I'm not sure about all of you, but I am super excited that the Olympics are starting today! I love to watch them. It's so cool to see so many talented athletes representing their countries, and of course, I am biased for the USA! Also, it's great that I will constantly have something to watch on TV for the next 2 1/2 weeks! Although I enjoy most of the sports, my favorites are track and field, gymnastics, volleyball, beach volleyball, swimming and wrestling.
Here is a link to the schedule: London 2012 Schedule

Women's Gymnastics Team

Women's Volleyball Team (Jordan Larson- #11 is from Nebraska, my home state)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

My First Blog Award

  • also in that blog post, answer the 11 question the person that nominated you has given you and make up another 11 questions for the people you will nominate
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My Random Facts
1- I used to hate long distance running in high school and now I have run 6 half marathons and love them!
2- I love Husker volleyball and wish I was younger so I could get their autographs and pictures without seeming creepy, lol.
3- I have a huge extended family, my mom and dad each have 7 brothers and sisters, which means lots of cousins, yeah!
4- My favorite TV show is Grey's Anatomy...hello Drs. McDreamy and McSteamy.
5- I enjoy making photo books on Shutterfly, if only they were less expensive.
6- My husband is a huge Packers fan, and so therefore I am one now too, go Pack go!
7- I grew up on a farm.
8- I am an xray tech, but I have never broken a bone in my life.
9- I love sweets, a little too much, they tend to interfere with my attempt at healthy eating and weight loss.
10- My favorite board game is Scrabble.
11- I wish I had more blog followers.

Answers to 3 Oh 1 Grace St's Questions
1. Puppies or Kitties? tough question, so I'll say it's a tie
2. Most complicated part about blogging for you? having time to do it often enough during the week
3.Drink of choice? alcoholic-lemonade and peach schnapps; non-alcoholic-grape soda
4. Favorite vacay? our honeymoon to the Riviera Maya
5. Least favorite chore around the house and why? (could turn into a dirty bachelorette game)
dusting because it takes a long time6. Spaghetti or lasagna (that's from my hubby) spaghetti because I can slurp the noodles
7. Socks on or off when you sleep? depends on the season; on in the winter, off in the summer
8. Guilty pleasure? cookie dough
9. Are you still friends with your best childhood friend? yes...shoutout to Ashley Pokorny
10. You don't leave the house without _______? my phone
11. Favorite dessert? better than sex cake

My Questions For You
1-Favorite restaurant?
2-Would you rather be hot or cold?
3-Favorite bible verse?
4-Dream place to travel?
5-Cookies or brownies?
6-Runner, jogger, or walker?
7-What is your expert meal you like to cook?
8-Secret band you jam to?
9-Are you a Pinterester?
10-Favorite blog to follow?
11-Dream vehicle if you could choose?

My Nominees (only have 2 because I need to find more blogs to follow)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekend Wonders

A Family Affair
On Saturday morning, we participated in the Columbus Downtown Runaround. This run has become a great tradition in my dad's family and Team Schlautman always has a great turnout of participants! It's a fun way for all of us to get together, have fun. and support each other at the run!

This year's Team Schlautman: 4 brothers, their 4 wives (2 not pictured were our photographers and cheerleaders this year), 10 cousins, and 3 significant others.   Total=19 runners

My cousin Jason, who always sets the pace by sprinting for as long as he can at the start!

My brother Sam at the start of the race.

My cousin Nathan, who had hip surgery 1 1/2 weeks before the run, was bound and determined to still participate! He wheeled most of the race and crutched part of it that was on gravel, all on his own. Talk about dedication!! He didn't even come in last! Here he is in the final stretch!

Ryan and I after the run. This was Ryan's first Downtown Runaround, and he did awesome!

Medalwinners for this year! I got third in my age division.

Here is an article from the Columbus Telegram that talks about my amazing cousin Brandon, who was the overall winner for the 2.1 mile race!

Wedding Time
On Saturday night, Ryan and I got to celebrate the marriage of some friends, Craig and Janelle and see many of our hometown friends. Here I am with my friend and coworker Katie, Janelle's sister. The wedding was a blast!

Relaxing Sunday
On Sunday, Ryan and I got an afternoon to relax and so I decided to try a new Pinterest recipe:
Cajun Chicken Fettucine Alfredo. It was fun to make and I'm glad I had the time to try it out.

Here is our supper, the Cajun Chicken Alfredo with fresh sweet corn from my parent's garden, yum!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Food and Friends

Tonight I got to meet up for dinner with my friend Amy. Amy and I met in college when she taught one of my bible studies. She is now a college campus missionary for FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) at Bradley University, so she only gets to come home to Omaha a few times a year. It was great to hear about all the awesome things she is doing on her campus to help bring students closer to God! FOCUS is a great organization that is on many campuses across the country.

A video recap of this past year's FOCUS leadership conference.

We also got to enjoy the restaurant Cheddar's, one of my new favorite restaurants! It has a variety of food on the menu for reasonable prices! Tonight I had the chicken fried steak with broccoli cheese casserole as my side.

Onion Rings
Our yummy appetizer, their delicious onion rings!  

Monday, July 16, 2012

Joining the Blog World

Hi Everyone! After reading some blogs on a regular basis and seeing many others, I've decided to try my own blog and see how it goes. I'm sort of at a new chapter in my life so I think I'll have a lot to blog about. Whether it's about being newly married, attempting to cook more for my husband, decorating our new apartment, or just keeping you updated on me in general, I hope you enjoy it!

I'd like to give a special shootout to a couple people. First of all, my friend Samantha, who has encouraged me to start blogging and whose blog I read every day! If you're reading this, please take a moment to check out and follow her blog: And secondly, my other blog I love to read is Katie's, who is a wonderful mother that blogs about her adorable kids, J and E. Her blog is:, go check it out!