Our Love Story

The Start of our Relationship and Our First Date
My hubby and I started dating when I was a junior and he was a sophomore in high school, the fall of 2005.  The first time we ever hungout together, we drove around town in his car, doing mains, which was the cool thing back in the day. After a couple weeks of spending time together, he asked me to be his girlfriend out on the football field after one of his games, and I agreed.  For our first date, we went out to eat and to a movie, but for some reason, I can't remember what the movie was.

Our very first picture we took together, about a month after we started dating.

High school memories.

My senior prom.

We continued dating through high school, and even survived being apart during college.  After we made it through my first semester of college, I knew Ryan was the one! I just love his easygoing, friendly, funny, and outgoing personality! He could always make me laugh and was there whenever I needed to talk, even if it wasn't always on the most interesting topics for him. In December of 2008, he gave me a pearl promise ring.

The Proposal
As we continued dating, we talked about marriage, and knew that we wanted to wait to get married until we were both done with school.  We had also talked about having about a year engagement, so I was sort of expecting it in the spring or summer of 2011.

 In December of 2010, Ryan came to visit me once his finals were done before heading home for Christmas break. I had to work, so he came and got my apartment keys because he was going to make supper.  When I came home, I walked into an apartment full of candles and a delicious chicken alfredo supper.  I didn't think much of it, besides the fact that it was really nice and romantic of him to do this.

After supper, we played one of our favorite board games, Scrabble.  After the game was over, Ryan told me to close my eyes. When I opened them, he had spelled out, "I Love You" with the letters, and I thought that was cute. He told me to close them again, so I thought that we were going to play a little game to see what cute sayings we could spell out.

However, this time when he told me to open my eyes, he was on one knee, and the Scrabble board spelled out, "Will You Marry Me".  I was very surprised and super excited! It was such a cute proposal and I couldn't have asked for anything more special.

My candlelit apartment I came home to.

The magic question!

My gorgeous ring, that Ryan picked out all on his own!

The Wedding
We got married on May 26, 2012 and are now enjoying our newlywed life! We are loving this new chapter in our lives, learning about all aspects of marriage, and balancing our jobs, friends, family, and eachother.

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