Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekend Wonders...A Day Late

Hi all! Sorry I've been absent from the blogging world for a few days now, but I'm excited to share about my weekend! I spent Friday through Sunday with Ryan's family at Okoboji in Iowa. A friend of Ryan's dad let us use his condo there for the weekend, and we had alot of fun!

On Friday, we got there, unpacked, took a boat ride and after supper, sat in the hot tub for a few hours.
Boat ride on the lake...so pretty and relaxing!

Blending our drinks in the condo hallway on our way to the hot tub so we don't wake anyone up.

Saturday we spent some time on the boat cruising the lake and stopped at The Emporium, which had a bunch of shops. We also stopped at one of the bars off the lake called Barefoot Bar, which had a fun outdoor atmosphere. We watched the Husker game in the condo, and unfortunately the Big Red didn't end up on the winning end of things.  After the game, Ryan and I, along with his sister and her husband went out on the town for the night. I think we ended up going to 4 different bars and had a blast!

Ryan and I at one of the bars.

Band playing at Captain's Getaway bar.

Brenda and I at the sports bar.

The four of us.

Sunday was pretty lazy. We took another boat ride to look at some of the neat houses on the lake, hung out at the condo, swam in the pool and then packed up to head home.

One of the many dream homes we saw on the lake...maybe someday!

Overall, it was an awesome weekend and I hope we can go back sometime! Have any of you ever been there? What do you like best?

And, one more sidenote...I got twitter, so feel free to follow me on there and check my blog posts from there too! @eatprayloverun

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