Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend Wonders

This is sorta late to be posting, but I just got home from my Labor Day weekend. My weekend started pretty uneventful, but then got better!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday involved working at the hospital. It was an ok weekend, and we even got to watch part of the Husker game in between!

Sunday night, we got together with a couple friends from Lincoln and went for some drinks at a sports bar. It was great to catch up and hangout!

Monday morning, we finally hung some decorations and pictures on our walls, yeah!! I will post some pictures when everything is completed, as we didn't quite finish all the rooms, but got a good start! Thanks to my hubby for being patient with me and using his measuring skills to make sure everything was centered and straight!

Monday afternoon, we stopped in Fremont on our way home to watch my brother play basketball. He and his Doane teammates when on a 5 day tour of Nebraska, playing in all 93 counties!

My brother is the guy in the orange jersey on my right and behind my husband in the white cap is Ryan's cousin who also plays on the team! 

My brother and I.

Then, it was home sweet home from there! It was so nice to be able to be out on the farm for a couple days! My mom made a delicious supper Monday night and since Ryan had to work in Columbus Tuesday and I had Tuesday off, I stayed at home Monday night.

I love the peace, quiet and fresh air out in the country!

On Tuesday, I hangout at home, took our dog for a walk, went to visit my Grandpa and then went and helped my mom at her school for a couple hours. I finished the night with a walk with my parents and supper before I left. It was a short, but good visit home!

Suzy wanted to come back with me! :) 
(Sorry about her eyes, couldn't get the red-eye reduction to fix it)

Have a good week everyone!

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