Thursday, December 5, 2013

Vacation…The Day After

Part Three: Post Wedding Festivities

1 & 2 - The morning after the wedding, we attended a family brunch hosted by the bride and groom! We had so much good food, including Saints-shaped fruit and the traditional Mardi Gras king cake!
3 - After everyone got done eating, we tested the groom's knowledge on our family. He had to see if he could match us all with the right parents and kids. Considering his new mother-in-law has 7 other brothers and sisters, it was quite the challenge!
4 - The weather was nice and sunny out, so the boys enjoyed some football.
5 & 6 - After brunch, quite a few of us took a trolley ride through the city, which was fun! We got to see some parts of downtown we hadn't been to before. 
7 & 8 - For supper, my cousin, who lives in New Orleans and one of his friends, treated all of us to a yummy seafood and vegetable boil! We had potatoes, corn, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, crab, shrimp, and sausage! It definitely had a southern kick in the taste, but it was soooo good!
9 - And to end the night, some of us cousins tried our luck at the casino downtown and finished off with some 2 am beignets!

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  1. So funny that you guys quizzed the groom on your family! I bet that was a lot of fun. :)


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