Tuesday, December 31, 2013


2013 was a wonderful year! I was continually blessed by my amazing husband, loving family, awesome friends, a great job, and most of all, a forgiving Lord and Savior.

Here are 13 highlights of this past year (in no particular order):

1. We were joined by 3 new nieces, Kinsley in May and twins Lainey and Londyn in July.

2. We got to celebrate my cousin's wedding in November in New Orleans with lots of family members!

3. I got to road trip to the Nebraska vs. Michigan football game with 2 great friends, we had a blast!

4. My sister moved to Minnesota, and although she's further away, it provides for a great weekend getaway and shopping at the Mall of America.

5. We celebrated numerous weddings of friends and also many engagements, with weddings galore planned for 2014.

6. I ran my personal best time in the Lincoln Half Marathon in May.

7. We got to attend a few Husker volleyball games at the newly renovated Devaney Center in Lincoln.

8. I enjoyed the concerts of Jason Aldean with Jake Owen, Miranda Lambert with Dierks Bentley, and Casting Crowns.

9. Ryan and I celebrated our first year marriage anniversary in May!

10. I got an iPhone, and love it!

11. We played on a summer and fall coed softball team, and had a blast with our teammates!

12. Ryan survived appendicitis and having his appendix out.

13. I took a weekend getaway to Kansas City with 3 of my college friends, we were finally reunited!

It was an AWESOME year and I hope for even better things in 2014!

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