Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's That Time of the Year Again

What time, do you ask? College football and volleyball time and I'm so excited for the Husker teams to start up their seasons! The volleyball team starts Friday and the football team opens their season at Memorial Stadium on Saturday! I love fall college sports season, especially watching my beloved Huskers! You can't beat fall weather, tailgating, and spending your weekends watching some good games in person and on TV.

I even got our apartment all decorated and ready to go today!

Who else is excited?


  1. I seriously cannot wait!!! Counting down the hours! Best time of the year...until Christmas :)


  2. I can hardly contain myself! I should *not* be allowed to work tomorrow - I will be an anxious wreck! (I get nervous before we play - even if there is hardly no chance of a loss on paper..) And I will be a jitterbug because I'm so excited for it all to start! It's going to be HOT this weekend, though.. hope Memorial Stadium doesn't run out of bottled water again this year!

    Love your decorations! Where did you get that print on the left?


  3. Where did you get the printable?!?!

  4. Oooohh! Love that wreath :) I need to make a similar one for my alma mater!


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