Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Favorites

Linking up with Lindsey for Friday Favorites!

Favorite Recipe
Cheesy Ranch Potato Bake
All you need are potatoes, a few spices, cheese, and ranch. Loved this recipe from All Recipes!

Favorite Post
Beth from That Little Spark wrote a hilarious post with some funny video clips about her introvert experience at the gym, go check it out if you want a good laugh!
That Little Spark

Favorite Song
Really enjoying this new song by Plumb called "One Drop". Besides being a neat, catchy song, it has also become the theme song for the Blood:Water Mission.

Favorite Tweet

Favorite Video
This video might be a little older, but I've watched it numerous times in the past couple weeks because it makes me laugh every time!

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend! Thanks for reading!


  1. Those ranch potatoes look so good! And that tweet is to funny! Ha!!

  2. Yum, those potatoes look so good!! And I love that Taylor wore Ellen underwear!! So funny!!

  3. Hahaha!!! That's a great tweet!!

    Missy x

  4. BAHAHAHAHA that trust fall! Oh my goodness! Hilarious!


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