Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vino van Gogh

Last night, my girls from work and I did a drink and paint experience with Vino van Gogh! It was held a Roja Mexican Grill, where we enjoyed some delicious margaritas while learning how to paint a canvas picture!

The picture we painted was called "Bluebirds in Tree" and here is how mine turned out, step by step.


The final masterpiece (not, ha ha)...

All of us girls with our paintings.

Love my work ladies! We had a fun night together!

Has anyone else done something like this?

If you want more information, click to go to the Vino van Gogh website. They are currently in Omaha, Iowa City, Kansas City, Chicago, Quad Cities, and St. Louis.

And, my only advice I learned for the careful and paint the canvas, not your clothes!
This shirt is a goner...sad face!


  1. That turned out so cute! I have always wanted to do that!


  2. I've always wanted to do these! They look so fun! Yours looks awesome!

  3. So fun! I want to do one of these sometime!


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