Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Okoboji Weekend Recap

Hey Readers...thanks for patiently waiting for me to get back from my mini-vacation I had over the weekend! I apologize for the lack of blogging, but now I'm here to tell you all about my lovely weekend!

We spent the weekend at Lake Okoboji with Ryan's family and had a great time

1. On our way there, we may have missed a sign and made a slight detour into Minnesota, but as Ryan says, the more states you go to, the better the vacation!
2. We made it, and the view was gorgeous!
3. Got to see this little cutie, aka our niece, all weekend which was great.
4 & 5. We spent some time in the water, and I got to tube and waterski. I stayed on the tube, but this waterskiing picture is before I completely biffed it, as I'm not the best at it.
6. One day while we were there, I was brave enough to let our 4 year old niece paint my toes...let's just say she needs some practice!
7. Throughout the weekend, we spent alot of time on the boat, cruising around with drinks in hand. Loved boating with my hubby!
8. The last night we were there we went out to the downtown bars and had a great time!
9. Ryan's sister and I enjoying our evening.

It was hard to leave and come back home, but hopefully we will be able to go back next year!
Happy Tuesday to all of you, thanks for reading about my weekend!


  1. I was there this weekend too :) I hope you got a chance to go to the Barefoot Bar. It's my favorite place in Okoboji.

  2. Loved the Snapchats....ugh! I want to go next year :)


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