Friday, March 1, 2013

Wow...this is awesome!

Happy Friday and happy weekend to you all! This week has been a great week on the blog for me and I am so excited! It's reminded me why I started blogging and that there are some awesome bloggers out there who can become great friends, even if we may never meet face to face.

First of all, thanks to Jenna at Demure in Diamonds, I'm participating in my first button swap during March! Button swaps are a great way to get your blog out there for others to see and read! So I really appreciate this awesome lady for swapping with me! I just found her blog recently through a giveaway and am excited to follow it and get to know her better! So, if you want, go check out her wonderful blog!!

Another great thing happened in the blog world this week called Blog Connect! Helene at Helene in Between started this great site for all bloggers to do what it says, connect! There is a forum to post questions, tips, topic ideas, etc. You can also advertise on the site. I think it will be a great resource for all bloggers, whether you are just starting out or have been blogging for years. So thanks for Helene for putting it together and getting it started!

And, finally, a super nice blogger named Jade at An Organized Mess gave me a free month of ad space on her blog after I commented on one of her posts, how generous of her! Go check out her blog too!

An Organized Mess

These three things in particular, along with all the wonderful followers and commenters on my blog assure me that starting this blog was a good thing and I am loving it more and more every day!! So thank you, thank you to all of you! 

One more thing, a good family friend of ours could use some prayers next week as he undergoes surgery. I would really appreciate it if you would keep him and his family in your thoughts.


  1. Aww, I'm so glad the blogworld has been so good for you lately! :)

  2. Yay for positives in the blog world!

  3. Amie!!

    How darling are you?!! Thank you so much for giving me a shout out, you rock!! I'm putting up the sponsor spotlight this Friday :-) can't wait!! So glad we met each other in blogging land!

    XO Jenna


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