Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Challenge America

Any of you Biggest Loser fans?? Ryan and I have been watching this season, and I just love the show! It's so inspiring and amazing to watch the transformations of all of the contestants! And this season, their theme was to Challenge America to be healthier and also tackle childhood obesity.

Last night, the Biggest Loser Season 14 finale was on and the winner was...


She lost 121 pounds, 46.9% of her body weight!!

I loved Danni on the show, she was so competitive and fun to watch! And I think I liked her because she is close to me in age also. Even though Danni won, all of the contestants did so awesome and it was really neat to see their before and after pictures.

And I loved the trainers too, although I wonder if I could make it through some of their workouts. And I'm pretty sure Jillian could make me cry, she can get pretty scary intense sometimes!

Look at those faces!! YIKES!

Speaking of crying, since I am a woman, I cried during multiple episodes this season when things got emotional on the show. Ryan sat next to me and laughed, but I don't care, these people and their stories just really got to me some weeks.

Were you happy with the winner? Any favorite parts from this season?


  1. I cry too... my family laughed at me. Such a great great great show!

  2. Oh man, Jillian would definitely make me cry in real life, haha!

  3. Thanks for a fun family day together! We enjoyed our game of basketball and playing cards! Luv you!


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