Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday Thoughts and It's Ok

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Its Ok Thursdays

Yeah! It's my Friday today and I'm super excited for a three day weekend! If I can just make it through work today, I will be golden. And we are finally supposed to be getting warmer weather in the next few days, so I'm ready for it to melt that snow we got and move on to Spring!

Did you guys hear that we have a new Pope?!? He is Pope Francis, and he is the first pope from Latin America. You can go find out more here!

Here's a few things that have been ok with me lately...

IT'S OK...

...that I'm excited for our St. Patrick's Day food day today at work, I'm bringing these delicious crockpot meatballs

...that I'm happy my team won our volleyball league tourney last night for the second year in a row during the spring session

...that I am dreading the cleaning I need to do around our apartment soon

...that I'm super pumped for Selection Sunday and March Madness, so many great basketball games coming up (Go Jayhawks and Creighton Bluejays!!)

...that I'm really wanting to go spring clothes shopping after seeing some great posts about new spring attire

...that I ordered some new subway art prints, and I'm excited to use them to decorate for the different holidays

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  1. I keep seeing cute clothes popping up everywhere too but then that reminds me that I need to clean out my clothes first before buying more and that is a chore :(

  2. Go. Shopping. ;)

    Just stopping by as the friendly bad influencer and telling you that you will feel better if you go get ya some spring clothes :)

    Thanks for linking up with us today :)

  3. awe!! Those meatballs sound yumm! You should share the recipe! I agree you should go shopping because spring and pastels are amazeee but I am not allowed to shop right now so I understand if you can't! HA.. but if you can.. go for it girl!

    Thanks for linking up with us today :)


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