Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My #1 Relationship

This weekend at mass, the priest had a really simple, yet wonderful message in his homily! He reminded all of us there what we should already know and made us profess it to multiple times during his talk...

My #1 Relationship is with God!!

I know that I constantly need work on this. Some days, I can truly say this, but some days, I fail at even getting close to this. In his homily, the priest reminded us that God should always be first in our lives. Everything else should revolve around Him and our relationship with Him. If He is our #1 relationship, then all of our other relationships will go better.  Another anology is that our relationship with God is like a wagon wheel, Him being the center support and everything else like the spokes. 

In order for God to be my #1 relationship, I need to spend time talking to him all throughout the day, constant communication! This could be through prayer, reading Scripture, spiritual music, meditation, or just silent listening. Some days, I do a good job of praying and talking to God during the day and giving Him enough of my time, but other days I put things such as work, friends, money, TV, internet, or my phone ahead of the Lord.

I think it is important to set aside a specific time each day for prayer or Scripture, so that it becomes a routine for us. I try to do mine right away in the morning to start my day with the Lord. That way, I do it and don't leave it for any leftover time later in the day, which I tend to put towards other things or just make excuses that I don't have time.

Anyone else struggle with this or have suggestions to remember to pray more throughout the day? I do a pretty good job in the morning and right before bed, but it's the time inbetween that I have trouble with.

As the priest told us, when things in our lives aren't going how we would like them, it's time to step back and see where God is, because if he's not our #1 relationship, that's probably why everything else is out of place.

May God bless all of you and help you to keep Him #1 in your lives!

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  1. I'm with you on morning time for devotional time. If I try to wait until later in the day, it usually doesn't happen. I love those early morning quiet times. :)


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