Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

Monday is looming again and I'm not excited about it... but I am excited about having a great weekend, so I'll share that with you!


We went to watch the state basketball semifinals that our hometown team was playing in, and one of my cousins is also on the team! After the game we went downtown with some friends to celebrate and drink!

A popular drink at the bar we went to, known as "Elk Creek Water"

A few of the friends I got to catch up with this weekend, as I failed in taking pics with the rest of them.


Saturday was spent at home doing alot of laundry, dishes, and I baked some chocolate chip cookies.

Saturday night, we had supper with some of my aunts, uncles and cousins before the game. Then we headed to the championship game at the Bob Devaney Sports Center! The Jaguars played a great game and won the state finals!! It was very exciting as it was the first year of our consolidated school with the town 6 miles down the road from ours! 

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Sunday we slept in, which felt wonderful and then had a lazy day! We watched the Creighton basketball team win the MVC tournament! And we chose not to go outside at all, thanks to a crappy snowstorm/blizzard that decided to come through the area and was much worse than the weather channel expected.

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Friends + Family + Basketball + Relaxation Time = Awesome weekend!


  1. Hey girl...nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award :)

  2. Elk creek water, heck yes. I'll have a few drinks of that and then it usually sneaks up on me later on in the night! I haven't been to state basketball in such a long time, my old high school never makes far enough!

  3. Definitely sounds like a great weekend! All that basketball and friend/family time sounds great! :)


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