Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thursday Thoughts + A Moment

Toby's Tails

Linking up for Thursday thoughts with the lovely Jaime from Toby's Tails and Jamie from Simple Southern Ways, who we welcome back from her wedding and honeymoon!!

Also, linking up for #blogeverydayinmay

Day 9: A Moment From Your Day

Last night, thanks to my lovely friend Ashley, I got a nice little getaway in the middle of the week! She was in town for a nursing conference, so I stayed with her in her suite at the hotel!

Strawberry Margarita's courtesy of happy hour at the hotel.

Out to eat at Cheddar's, it was her first time there.

Besties! Love her and so glad we got to hang out and catch up!


  1. Don't forget about the hour of Heads up that we played!! :) Thanks for joining me!!

  2. Jealous! .. I haven't been to cheddars either! And Scott and I have been playing heads up!

  3. K, testing again .... try and see if you can reply to this!


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