Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Day in the Life of Me + New Recipe


Day Fifteen: A Day in the Life

These are the things that happen most days in the life of Amie.

Wake up and get ready for work...get to wear these lovely grey scrubs to work.

Try to read my daily morning prayers and scriptures from this book.

If I have the day off from work, it usually consists of laundry, cleaning, relaxing, errands, and sometimes shopping.

Do my best to get a workout in every day, gotta burn those calories.

Cook supper, and which tonight I made a new recipe, Pizza Burgers and they were pretty good!

Check out the recipe from 1 Cup Awesome

Relax on the couch after supper watching TV, playing a game, or spend time outside since it's finally nice out.

And the best part of my day...spending time with this guy, my wonderful husband!

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