Monday, May 13, 2013

Those Weekend Nanigans

This was my weekend, not exactly in order...

one - Ryan, my brother and I went home and surprised my mom for mother's day! We also visited Ryan's mom and family.
two - Saturday was some wonderful bonding time with this hubby! We did some shopping first and then went out to eat.
three - Friday night was spent at home with some delicious alcoholic beverages.
four & five - Our supper date Saturday night in the Old Market, yummy.

We watched some movies this weekend also! Went to see Iron Man 3 in theater and it was really good! Also, I've been wanting to see all the Fast and Furious movies to get caught up before the newest one comes out because I've only seen Fast Five. Throughout the weekend, we got through the first three, not too bad!

And...I'd like to give a special congratulations shoutout to my cousin Sierra, who got engaged this weekend! Yeah for another family wedding! Her now fiance Jake is a classmate and friend of mine so I"m very excited and happy for them!



Day Thirteen: Issue A Public Apology (funny, serious or creative)

I was drawing a blank on this one, so I found a few funny ones to share with you, thanks to this website:


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  2. Great seeing you yesterday! ... those notes are hilarious! :)

  3. Bahaha those notes are to die for :)

  4. I'm dying at these notes. Someone else had the van apology one posted today too. I would be so mortified. The cupcake one is hilarious as well.


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