Friday, May 17, 2013

Birthday Celebration

Last night, we celebrated Ryan's birthday early! His birthday is next Monday, the 20th, but I have to work this weekend, and he will be out of town next week for work.  I made him a delicious birthday supper consisting of seasoned chicken strips, cheesy hashbrowns and green bean casserole.

I got the recipe for the chicken strips from A Thrifty Mom, find it here!

And...birthdays wouldn't be complete without cake! We ended the night with some delicious dessert!

Thanks to Kraft Recipes, I made this lovely Chocolate Oreo Cake. You will probably want the recipe, because it's amazing, so you can find that by clicking here.



Day Seventeen: A Favorite Photo of Yourself and Why

This picture probably looks familiar to you, as it's the photo for one of my blog buttons! But it is definitely one of my favorite pictures of myself! I just love it because I was so happy and relaxed and just showing some fun posing with my flowers! It reminds me how amazing our wedding day was! 


  1. Yes great minds do think alike ;)

  2. Beautiful photo! And happy birthday to your Ryan! That dinner looks sooo tasty!



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