Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Update

This weekend was a pretty good one!

After work, we went back home for the weekend. Friday night, we had supper with my parents and just relaxed and watched a movie.

 Home sweet home!

Saturday morning, I went for a beautiful outside run with a couple of my half marathon training ladies! We did 5 miles and it felt pretty good, considering it was my first outside run in awhile. Saturday afternoon, we spent some time with Ryan's nieces and nephew. Then we went and watched our high school basketball teams play. It seems like it wasn't too long ago when I was out on that court playing, and it made me miss basketball!

Ready for our run!

Ryan's nephew and I playing some cars.

Saturday evening, we got to see some friends at the bar, which was great to catch up with them!

We went to church and had breakfast with Ryan's family in the morning. We went up to the gym and played some pickup basketball and then had lunch with my family. My brother and sister were both home too, so it was good to have everyone back! We took an afternoon nap and then I met up with my friend Ashley, whom I haven't seen in too long.

Sunday night was spent doing laundry and watching some shows on my DVR.

I'm hoping this week goes fast because Ryan is gone all week for work and I can't wait until he gets back on Friday!


  1. It looked so beautiful for an outside run!

  2. Sometimes a good run outside in the refreshing winter air is just what you need!! Awesome that you did 5 miles!!

  3. Thanks for the brisk run Saturday. Sorry I ditched you girls going west, that wind was nasty. Also thank you for plugging my site on Friday. I really do appreciate it.

  4. Well.... When scott's gone is when I seem to get the most done!

  5. Saturday was a beautiful day for a run! Too bad it didn't stick around.. :/


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