Friday, January 4, 2013

Epic a Wife

So, yesterday, I was off from work and did all the things I'm supposed to do as a good wife on her day off...I cleaned our apartment, did the dishes, did laundry, and planned a good supper! I have been trying to make something new or different for supper, and have been getting many of my recipes from Pinterest.

So, last night's new recipe to try...Orange Chicken with rice.

Well, to say the least, I failed. Both of us weren't fans of my orange chicken. It was just a little too orangey (not sure if that is a word) in flavor. Definitely didn't taste like the delicious orange chicken from Panda Express, or did it look like the picture on Pinterest shown below.

Ryan was very nice to me about it, he at least tried it and said it wasn't horrible. But we both decided it won't be on my list to make again

Best part...after we got done eating, Ryan said, "I don't have to take this for lunch tomorrow, do I?"

So I failed for the night as a wife, but I'll try again soon with a better recipe, hopefully!


  1. Oh girl, it happens to all of us. For me, it was when I attempted to make pumpkin soup once early in our marriage. It so did not turn out well, haha!

  2. I have failed on making Orange Chicken before too! Maybe we just need to find a better recipe? or maybe it's just hard? I'm not sure which!

  3. Story of my life... at least you made supper! ha

  4. This happens to me all the time! I would start off with super easy recipes you can find on pinterest! Some have a lot of ingredients and I stay away but others are easy and make me look awesome!

  5. You didn't fail, the recipe someone else created failed. I am always trying new stuff so we keep at least two frozen pizzas on hand in the event something is just that bad. And there is nothing wrong with a sandwich for lunch the next day!

    Hugs to you!


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