Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's Ok Thursday

It's almost the end of the week...which means It's Ok Thursday with Amber and Neely!

Its Ok Thursdays
IT'S OK...
...that I've been slacking at blogging this week because I've been busy and haven't had much inspiration for topics
...that I'm super excited for the weekend because I've had to work the past two and we're going home to see some family and friends
...that I'm very proud of my volleyball team (we won all 3 sets in our game last night, which we tend not to do very often)
...that I'm feeling good about getting off to a good start in our Live Well Challenge we are doing at work
...that I'm patting myself on the back for the delicious supper I made Tuesday night:
Spicy Chicken Rigatoni (with beef instead of chicken) and Cheesy Potato Wedges
...that I'm starting to get a little depressed that in a few weeks my sister is moving and she will be 6 hours away from me 
Hope you all have a great Thursday! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I hope that you have a GREAT weekend!

  2. Whoohoo for your team, and your weekend sounds great! Boo on sisters not being able to live right next door. We are in UT and my sister is in TX, I feel your pain. New follower from It's Ok link up!

    Kristine from The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

  3. Yayyy volleyball team!! I may need that spicy chicen rigatoni recipe :)


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