Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Something Killed It...

So, evidently I found out this past weekend that either I am a horrible plant caretaker or my plant was secretly poisoned and it is now on the verge of death!

I've had this plant since the end of November. I got it from my coworkers in memory of my Grandpa and for its first two months it had been doing very well. I've been watering it and it's been staying alive and perky looking.

Well, this weekend, we came home to this after only being gone a few hours...

My poor plant!

So if anyone has any magic medicine to bring it back to life, please let me know! 
Otherwise, I may have to try again when it warms up to get another one.


  1. I wish I could suggest something but plants and I have the same thing. Hope you find out something to do!

  2. i can't keep a plant alive to save my life!

  3. Is this a peace lily? I can't really tell (and I am only guessing because it's one of two plants I've ever kept alive... sort of). Peace lillies are notorious for "playing dead" when they really want water. And then when you give them water, they spruce back up and go on with their day. It's like me before my coffee.

    Also, try rotating it and putting it near a window. Although they don't need sunlight, for some reason they like to spin around occasionally. Or maybe that's just mine. She's sassy. I've obviously had too much coffee today because I've just personified my plant.

  4. Oh good luck bringing it back to life! I am terrible with keeping indoor plants alive, haha!

  5. Good luck! sorry i'm not help!


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