Friday, December 28, 2012

No Longer a Boots Virgin

I'm excited to announce that I finally bought myself a pair of tall boots, yeah! For the past couple years, I continually see my friends in their super, cute, tall, boots with their skinny jeans, and I've been wanting a pair of my own.

After looking for awhile, I finally found a pair I liked and a pair that fit!'s hard to find a size 11 boot that is also big enough to fit my larger than normal calves! Trust me, having big feet is not fun when trying to buy any type of cute shoes!

Anyways, enough of my is the pair I got!

They are Madden Girl Zerge boots, and so far, I'm loving them!

What do you think? Any other suggestions on good brands for when I'm ready to get another pair?

Side note...I also found out that my left calf is a little bigger than my right because it takes more effort for me to zip the left boot. Anyone else have that problem?

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Ha! I have that exact same problem!! It is such a pain!! Very Cute Boots!!

    Sammie @

  2. Cute :) ... Fergie boots are hot right now :)

  3. I just bought my first pair of boots too! Twins, lol! Mine are black and cheap from Payless though - yours are super cute!

    I was also intrigued to find that my left calf is slightly larger than my right... The left one definitely needs more care when zipping!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    - Sara

  4. look so cute!! so happy you got some!


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