Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Weekend Update

It's December 26th, which means it has been almost one week since I last posted. I've been very busy with Christmas gatherings and other activities, so here is the long update on my weekend! I hope you all had a blessed and wonderful Christmas!

Friday night...graduating party with some friends...good times!

Saturday...we went to visit a family friend in the hospital and then went out to eat to celebrate my sister's graduation from college., then some basketball at the gym and an afternoon nap.

Sunday night...Christmas with Ryan's family,

 and then some Pitch to end the night (which us females won)

Monday...workout in the morning with my mom and sister, and then I had to work at the hospital

Tuesday...Merry Christmas! (our first Christmas together married),

Christmas with my family, and more cards, and then Christmas with Ryan's extended family.

We came home Tuesday night and it was back to work today for both of us.
How was your Christmas holiday?

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