Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Who Loves a Good Discount??

Many of you are probably already familiar with these two websites I'm going to talk about, but just in case you aren't, you're in for a great opportunity to save some money!!

Who uses these to get great deals? If you haven't heard of these sites, go sign up today! You can find awesome discounts on all sorts of things including food, clothes, fitness, activities, beauty, spa, things for the home, things for your car, and many others! I have used these for so many things because most deals are 50% or more off the original price! 

The sites are great because you can not only get discounted items, but also discounted services! So you can buy things cheaper and do things cheaper! I've used them multiple times for date night ideas for my husband and I too!

They are both easy to sign up for and then you get emails sent to you daily (or less often if you want) on deals in your area!

So go check it out!! I love these sites and they have both saved me lots of money!

I did not get asked by either site to write this post, I just wanted to share this awesome information with you fellow bloggers!


  1. I use both sites a lot. In fact, my groupon spending really started on my wedding day, its a funny story. I was up early because I needed to go to bed bath and beyond for a last minute thing and I was surfing the internet killing time and calming nerves and I found a groupon for pottery. I linked it to my friends on facebook and everyone commented, "why are you on the computer when its your wedding day?" but yet all bought the groupon so we could go. Cute little story that reminds me of fun :)

  2. I actually have a Groupon for a haircut that I'm going to use this week sometime! :)

  3. I just used a Groupon this weekend for a hair cut! I was looking to save some money which was definitely helpful. I've also bought a Groupon for beer tasting at a local brewery. I love Groupon but I feel like they repeat a lot of the same deals!


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