Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Forgetful + Giveaway

How many of you have ever forgotten leftovers at a restaurant? And I don't mean forgot them on your plate, I mean forgot them on the table in the takeout box??

Because I have, and I've done it twice recently and I'm really upset with myself for doing it! First of all, forgetting it means I can say goodbye to another good lunch or supper the next day. And second of all, the waitress/waiter from my table probably thinks I'm an idiot for leaving it there, or they probably wonder why I asked for a box if I wasn't going to take the food home.

Last night was the best of all... I went out with a couple friends after work and I had a Pinpoint coupon for buy one, get one free entree, so I decided to get a personal pizza to take home for leftovers since it would be free anyways! Low and behold, don't worry, I forgot the ENTIRE pizza box sitting at our table.

Luckily, I remembered while I was still close enough to go back. Thanks to my friend, she quick called them to have them save it for me while I drove back to the restaurant, and my whole pizza didn't go to waste!

I'm really hoping the next time I go out to eat I remember the takeout box!


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  1. Oh my I do that all.the.time! And I never remember until I'm almost home. They should deliver your stuff to your car once you leave so you wouldn't be able to forget it!

  2. yes, this happens to me a lot! good thing you could go back and get them! :)

  3. I do this way too often! I actually did it not too long ago, but remembered right as I walked out the restaurant door - but they had already cleared my leftovers away! I was so dang sad!

    Speaking of leftovers - I have leftovers for lunch today that I actually remembered to bring home from a restaurant! Woohoo! :)

  4. Have forgotten packed boxes and I mean ordered food (did nt eat just got packedGot a call imagined the boxes are in the car and left. Lol
    So you aint alone

  5. So glad I'm not alone - I do this ALL the time! My husband is no better at remembering either.



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