Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Running Back

On Sunday, I ran the Omaha Half Marathon with my dad, and realized that it was my 8th half marathon since May of 2009. I thought it would be neat to take a look back, see how my running has improved and share what I have learned!

Here's a picture from each of my runs, except for one!

1. Lincoln 2009
2. Omaha 2009
3. Lincoln 2010
4. Lincoln 2011
5. Papillion 2011 (not pictured)
6. Lincoln 2012
7. Lincoln 2013
8. Omaha 2013

As you can see, the Lincoln Half is a favorite of mine and we get a good group from my hometown and my family that run it each year. It is very well organized, has a great route, and a lot of people along the way to cheer you on!

When I ran my first half marathon, my time was 2 hours, 18 minutes, and 33 seconds. Since then, I have improved my time and my current personal best is 1 hour, 53 minutes, and 21 seconds.

I'm currently on Day 2 post run, and I read a great article recently in the Omaha World Herald about Marathon Recovery. Check it out here. I think all the tips are great, however, I have never taken an ice bath, brrrr!

I want to share some of the best signs I've seen over the years:
- Run now, poop later, you can never trust a fart!
- Smile if you aren't wearing underwear
- Run like you stole something
- Look alive, mortuary nearby
- Worst Parade Ever

And finally, here are a few things I have learned since starting to run half marathons:

* The #1 goal is always to FINISH
* Having someone to run with, whether it's a friend, family member, or pace group, is a good idea
* Give yourself adequate time to train before deciding to run a half marathon
* Build up your endurance and race experience by running a 5k or 10k before the actual run
* Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate...before and after the race
* Have fun...I know running 13.1 miles probably doesn't sound fun to most of you, but I enjoy it, and I think it's fun to see all the different people running and the spectators 


  1. Love #1 on your list of favorite signs.....:)

  2. Wow - congrats on how far you've come! I'm running my second half-marathon in November and this post just got me so motivated and excited. So thank you for that! I didn't love my first time, but I finished! Looking forward to pushing through this next one and *hopefully* running a little faster.

  3. Congrats on such an awesome achievement! I would love to run one some day!


  4. I love this post! My husband and I love to run! He actually did a marathon this last weekend and I made a sign that said "WTF?!? Where's The Finish?!?". Anything to keep you motivated always helps!


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