Monday, September 16, 2013

Love My Community

This last weekend, we went back to our hometown for a benefit for a family in our community. This family also happens to be very good friends with my parents, and so they have become like family to me over the years. Last November, George suffered a brain aneurysm and spent several weeks in the hospital, had numerous surgeries and has been unable to return to work.

To support George and his family and help with their medical bills and other expenses, we held a benefit for them. Samantha from 3 Oh 1 Grace St and I organized a sand volleyball tournament during the day, and there was also a tractor ride, a meal, silent auction and a live auction held throughout the day.

We had a wonderful turnout for all the activities and were able to raise a lot of money for this wonderful family! I am so thankful to everyone who helped in any way by donating money, auction items and their time. And I am thankful to our great Lord for blessing George and watching over him during this entire journey.

Here's some pictures from the benefit showing some of the volleyball action, taking a break to watch the Husker game, my sand volleyball team, George and his family, and my fun purchases at the auction last weekend!


I appreciate every single one of your wonderful comments! Thanks for taking your time to read my blog!