Wednesday, June 26, 2013

From One Year to Beyond: Final Week Linkup

It's the last week of this lovely June linkup series, and for the final week, our topic is...

Anniversary Celebration Recap

On the day of our actual anniversary, we started the day off with the top of our wedding cake. We were a little skeptical after hearing good and bad things about year old cake, but ours was very good!

Then, we went home to see our new baby niece, had supper with Ryan's sister and brother-in-law, sat around the fire, had some drinks and smores!

And, the next weekend, when we had time to ourselves to celebrate, we went putt-putt golfing and had some delicious frozen yogurt!

I'm glad we got to celebrate our first anniversary! It's been a wonderful first year of marriage, and I look forward to many more years of happiness with this amazing guy!


  1. What a fun anniversary! I thought my wedding cake a year later tasted good also!!

  2. How fun! All of your pictures are amazing! It looks like you both had a wonderful time! Those gummy bears in ice cream are looking fabulous right now! And, our cake was still relatively delicious even after moving and freezing then refreezing! Glad to see that yall enjoyed yours too! Thanks so much for linking up with us and sharing your anniversary! Happy Anniversary!


  3. Happy Anniversary. LOL on the wedding cake - you never know how they will taste. Ours was pretty good. Beautiful photos!


  4. haha YAY for froyo! We should both make it a tradition for our anniversaries ;)
    It's exciting to read how many people actually enjoyed their wedding cakes! We loved ours too!

    Happy Anniversary!
    Glad you linked up with us for this :)

  5. Such a pretty wedding dress! Looks like you guys had fun celebrating your anniversary. :) We ate a slice of our wedding cake every month after we got married (we celebrated our "monthiversaries") and it was delicious up until the 8 month mark, haha! By the time we hit 1 year, it tasted pretty much like cardboard. ;) Probably because we kept unwrapping it and rewrapping it every month. Glad yours was still good!


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