Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekend Wonders

I got to have an entire date day with my husband on Saturday...yeah! We slept in and then set off to Omaha for a fun-filled day of activities!
File:Target logo.svg
Our first stop...Target! We had some gift cards to use from our wedding and needed some things for our apartment. After about an hour and a half in the store, we had a cart full of new things and a happy wife (me)!! We got a nice shelf with storage drawers for the living room, lamps for the living room and bedroom, curtains for the bedroom, TV trays, a fan and a TV sound bar (to keep Ryan happy) and new shower heads. Here are some of our great buys at Target:
Our shelf  and fan.

Living room lamp.

After Target, it was time for some food and entertainment! I had a Living Social coupon to use at Papio Bowl in Papillion. We got an hour of bowling, a large pizza and a pitcher of pop with our coupon! Ryan definitely beat me in the bowling scores, but we had a lot of fun together!

My handsome husband showing off his awesome bowling skills.

After shopping, bowling and pizza, we were worn out and ready for a relaxing evening at home. We came home and went to mass, where we heard the gospel about Jesus feeding over 5,000 with only 5 loaves and 2 fish, wow, what wonderful miracles our Lord can perform! After mass, we ended the night with leftover pizza for supper, some Olympic watching, and we tried out our new fire pit!

It was windy, but we did manage to roast a couple marshmallows and make one smore each, we will hope for better luck next time!

On Sunday, I worked for a good chunk of the day and Ryan and his dad took their motorcycles on a ride for the afternoon. We used our grill, another wedding gift, and made burgers and grilled potatoes for supper! It was delicious supper and a good end to a nice weekend! And now...time to go so I can watch some more Olympics! Go USA!

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