Monday, November 18, 2013

Husker Shenanigans

Sami's Shenanigans

Sharing the  happenings of my weekend with Sami and the rest of the linkup bloggers, and you, my wonderful readers, too!

1. Friday night, the new outlet mall near our home opened up, so we had to go check it out! It was pretty busy, but we found some good deals and I can't wait to go back when we have more time!
2. Saturday morning brought a day filled with Husker events, starting out with some tailgating with some friends and family.
3. Can't have tailgating without some beer pong, and some horrible playing by me.
4. Next came the Husker football game with my hubby, our first game together this season.
5. It was a beautiful day out for the game, however, our beloved Huskers lost to Michigan State.
6. After the football game, we moved onto the Nebraska volleyball game with Ryan's cousin and his wife, aka Samantha from 3 Oh 1 Grace St, also a good friend of mine! The volleyball team won their game in 4 sets and we had a lot of fun!
7. Sunday, we celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom's side of the family, and it wouldn't be complete without our competitive game of spoons between the cousins. It was great to see lots of family!
8. Sunday night, one of my friends hosted craft night for us girls, complete with crafting, snacks and wine!
9. I loved catching up with the girls, and even got some crafting in! (More details to come once I put the finishing touches on my decor)

We had a nice weekend and I was glad to spend it with my husband, family and friends!


  1. Football and shopping, the perfect novber weekends!!

  2. At least you still got to see one Husker victory! I'm still in disbelief about the football game...

    Where did you stop at the outlets? I cannot wait to go! Well, I can wait, because if they are too busy it'll drive me crazy... but I'm excited to go eventually!

  3. Football and crafting sounds like an awesome weekend to me! I totally agree that it's not a tailgate without some beer pong or flip cup ;)


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