Monday, November 11, 2013

Roadtrip Shenanigans

Sami's Shenanigans

Linking up with the lovely Sami to share about my weekend!

This weekend, two of my friends and I roadtripped to the Nebraska vs. Michigan football game in Ann Arbor, with a stop in Chicago on the way! We decided to do this on a whim about a week ago, and I'm so glad we did! We had an AMAZING weekend, and here's the awesome recap to share with all of you!

1 and 2. We left on Thursday night and drove through the night to Chicago. We only had one minor detour (#2), as we missed an exit and almost ended up in Minneapolis, but we caught ourselves before we got too far!

3, 4, 5, 6. Once we got to Chicago, we spent the day sightseeing! We visited the Willis (Sears) Tower, and got to see the beautiful views from the top, which was so cool! We even got to walk out on "The Ledge", which is all glass.

7. We also visited the Harold Washington Library, which has 9 floors, crazy! 

8 and 9. Our last stop of the day was Grant Park, which had a huge fountain, some beautiful views of Lake Michigan, and great looks of the city in the background.

After we got done sightseeing, we were on Hour 36 of being awake with no sleep, so we took a short cat nap before going out on the town for the night!

We ate at Giordano's pizza, which was super yummy!! The pizza was so thick and cheesy and I loved it! Then we went out in "Wrigleyville", which is a strip of bars close to Wrigley Stadium! We had so much fun, and even got to hang out at the Husker bar there! We danced and drank until we couldn't anymore and took a cab back to our hotel and crashed for the night!

Next up, gameday in Ann Arbor!! We got up early Saturday morning to drive to the game!

1 and 2. We made it to "The Big House", aka, Michigan's stadium! It holds over 100,000 people, wow!

3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Don't worry, we got FREE box suite tickets from a guy at our hotel, so we enjoyed our premium seats for the game! Here are some pictures of our view! The Huskers won, which made it even better, as it was a close and exciting game!

8 and 9. After the game, we went out in downtown Ann Arbor, met some fun people and found some Husker fans too!

Sunday, we survived the long 10 hour drive back with many laughs and memories from our trip! I'm so glad I got to spend a fantastic weekend with these two wonderful girls and I can't wait for our next adventure!!


  1. Oh my gosh how fun! I love roadtrips and I love Chicago! Doing things spontaneously like that is always the best.. plus you guys won so that makes it even better :)

  2. that is so fun that you got to go out and do your trip!! last minute road trips with girlfiends... and football! amazing! sounds likea good weekend :)

  3. AMAZING! Your seats for the game looked so good - I can't believe they were FREE! Would have been an awesome game to be at for sure!

    And you are much, MUCH braver than me - I could never have gone out onto the glass at the Sears Tower. Just thinking about it makes me a little queasy!

    Looks like an incredible weekend!

  4. Giordano's is my favorite Chicago pizza!! I love that place! So yummy. Glad you guys got to go and had so much fun! :)


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