Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Update

I'm on day 4 of my four day weekend, and I have a lot on my to-do list after being gone all weekend, so I better get through this post and get to work!

Thursday night I went with my sister and friend Ash to watch our former high school girls basketball team in their conference tournament and they won! Then we visited one of our friends and got to see her adorable little baby girl!

Friday I subbed at my mom's school, got a haircut and spent Friday night watching Footloose and having a couple drinks with my friends Meagan and Samantha from 3 Oh 1 Grace St.!

Saturday morning we left for Minnesota to move my sister there! She starts her new job in a week! We got her all moved in, and then met my cousin and her boyfriend for supper. They also joined us for mass and breakfast on Sunday. Her apartment is nice and she is only about a half hour away from Minneapolis. I survived the 6 hour drive, not too bad of a drive. I will miss having her close but I know she will do well there!

Where we spent most of the weekend...on the road

New in Town anyone?? (great movie)

For breakfast, we ate at this Dutch restaurant, it was delicious! I got a chocolate, whip cream, and banana flavored Pannekoeken (an oven baked pancake).

Outside my sister's apartment.

Sunday night, I got to come home and see my husband for the first time in a week, yeah! We watched the Super Bowl and relaxed on the couch.

Have a wonderful week, thanks for reading about my weekend!


  1. that pancake looks delicious! glad we got to hang out on Friday!

  2. Oh girls high school basketball...brings me back. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend! Glad you got to relax with the hubby in the end!

  3. Ha, I spend most of my weekends on the road too. Go, go, go! Looks like you had a great weekend!
    Found you from the link up!

    Beth @ Clothes & Cocktails

  4. Eventful weekend! Wish I could say the same about my own!! We did watch the superbowl though, and I did get to eat pizza and wings, so that was something...

  5. Wow, you were non stop lady!!! And Footloose is my all time favorite movie!!! The original one! ;)


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