Friday, February 8, 2013

Fitness Friday

Happy Friday Everyone! Today I'm linking up with Noel for Fitness Friday!

I've had a really good week of working out this week! Since it is the beginning of February, it is less than 3 months until my half marathon on May 5th!! Which means I am officially in training mode!

Thankfully, the weather cooperated this week and it was very nice on Tuesday, so I got a great 5 mile run in outside. It felt really good to run outside and my pace wasn't too bad for one of my first couple runs in the elements. 

I'm hoping the temperatures continue to warm up and can't wait to be able to get together with some of my running buddies! Running together makes long runs so much easier! Until then, I will have to find some good tunes on my ipod to keep me going!


  1. Thanks for linking up!!

    I'm the opposite, I find I do better running by myself...I don't feel obligated to try and talk (because lets face it, I can hardly breathe much less make conversation) and I don't feel obligated to stick to someone else's speed (I run slower than most people walk) so... I love running with music lol

  2. Ugh, I wish I was working out better :(

  3. Yay for great weather to make training easier! :)


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