Monday, February 10, 2014

Eventful Weekend Recap

Ryan and I had a busy weekend with lots of fun things going on! Here's the recap...

1. Friday night, we stayed home, watched the Creighton basketball game and enjoyed some homemade chocolate shakes.
2. Saturday, I had a baby shower for my best friend from college. I got to see her little girl again and catch up with good friends too. Here I am holding the little cutie.
3. Us 3 Clarkson College girls that were there, including the amazing mom in the middle.
4. Saturday night, Ryan and I treated ourselves to dinner at HuHot, yum!
5. After supper, we met up with some friends at The Dubliner for a couple drinks.
6. The main event at The Dubliner was surprising one of my friends after she got engaged! She was so surprised to see her friends and family waiting to celebrate with her, it was awesome!
7. Sunday, we had our niece's 3rd birthday party!
8. We also got to spend time with all of our nieces and nephews, who are growing up so fast.
9. Sunday night when we got home, we watched some Winter Olympics, including Jamie Anderson winning gold in slope style snowboarding!

I'm excited for a week of my husband being home, warmer temperatures coming soon, and more Olympics! I will hopefully do better about posting this week,  last week I was a big slacker!

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  1. Aww so cool that you surprised your friend!! All of our friends went out after I...I mean we... got engaged but I knew about it. It would have been so cool to just show up and have them be there to celebrate!!


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