Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Ashley!! I Know Her!!

Not sure how many of you are Ellen Degeneres fans, but I'm a huge fan of her show! It's always hilarious and she's also amazing at giving to others. Well, recently, my best friend got to be on the show and her show aired yesterday! It was so awesome to see her on TV next to Ellen. I was super excited for her (and a little jealous)! She submitted a photo a few months ago for Ellen's "Bad Paid for Photos" segment, and she got picked to come to the show. She got to bring her sister and mom with her and they got to spend a few days in LA. It was pretty cool to see a girl from my small town of 600 people on national TV. Way to go Ash!!

Here is the video clip from her segment on the show (her photo is the first one shown):

I can now say my best friend is a celebrity! Ellen even posted her picture on instagram!


  1. Okay so that whole segment is HILARIOUS! And your friend is SO hyper and happy to be there. Watching her made me smile. So so so cool that she was on the show!

  2. I just saw this on ellen the other day and loved it! So cool that your friend got to be on her show!!

  3. that's awesome! I SO badly want to go to LA and get to watch the ellen show live in the audience!


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