Friday, October 18, 2013

What Not to Do

Last night, 3 of my friends and I got together and went out to eat at our favorite mexican restaurant, Michael's Cantina. We always enjoy our trips to go eat here, but little did we know we were going to be gifted with one of their most talented waitresses! (insert sarcastic voice) Here's the recap of our night with just a few of the reasons why this waitress showed us what not to do.

1. The first words that came out of her mouth when she got to our table: "Ugh, I'm so tired,  I can't wait to go home."

2. While ordering our drinks, 3 of us ordered margaritas and my other expecting friend ordered a water. The waitress looks at her and rudely says: "Oh, are you not old enough?"

3. Now time to order our food, this was a challenge. The waitress got out her notepad and pen. First order, my friend states slowly that she will have the cheesy nachos without jalapenos or tomatoes. The waitress immediately says, "Wait, so you want the cheesy nachos with no onions and what?" So my friend restates her order. This happened with each of us, as we all withheld something from our order. Obviously it was too hard to just write down exactly what we said as we said it. And she says again, "Sorry, I'm just so tired, I need to go home."

4. At this point, we decided to mess with her a bit. In the restaurant, there is a sign that says "Tonight's tour starts at 7:45." The next time she came back to the table, we asked if we could sign up for the tour and if we got to meet Michael on the tour. She told us she didn't know about the tour and we proceeded to tell her that we came exactly for that reason. She got flustered and walked away without giving us a definite answer.

5. About midway through our meal, she came over to our table, not to ask how everything was or to ask if we needed anything, but to drop off our tabs by saying, "I don't mean to rush you or anything, but I have 6 tables, so here are your tickets."

5. And finally, one of my friends had gotten a to-go order, so after we had been done eating for over 10 minutes, she finally went and asked another waitress about it. Our waitress came over and with some attitude, said, "I gave it to you, it's right here, as she is pointing to the to-go ticket." To which my friend told her that she needed the actual food that went with the ticket, wow!

Therefore, we all got some good laughs out of her throughout the night, and she also did not receive a tip from any of us!


  1. Wow, this definitely would not fly where I work! Opening your greeting by basically saying I'm tired and I don't want to serve you is totally not the way to get tips.

  2. This is so funny! Glad you were able to have fun even though she was a mess!

  3. Wow! That's horrible. I would have been so disgusted. That's her job whether she is tired or not. Did you talk to management about her?

  4. Oh no, talk about frustrating. But it at least made for a funny story! Hopefully she's not always like that and was maybe having a bad day..


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